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Self publishing books & ebooks

Are you a Coach, Consultant or Creative? Have you ever thought about self publishing books & ebooks? Launching a book can help you to reach a wider audience and validate you and your business.

Self publishing a book can provide many great opportunities for a wide variety of people, either as a way of promoting them as an expert in their field, as a creative writer or as a personal memoir. 

Self Publishing Platforms
There are a variety of self publishing platforms such as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, Ingram Spark, Designrr and Lulu which offer many great opportunities to self publish and promote your book and reach a massive audience worldwide. 

What is so exciting about the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform is that it offers independent authors the opportunity to print books on demand, this means you can create a paperback version at a relatively affordable print cost, without the massive outlay on a full print run of books. You can order small quantities and sell directly via amazon. 

Ebook wise there are many opportunities too, these can be used as lead generators for your business, to generate a passive income and also help to validate your expertise in a particular field. 

Ebooks can easily be created with Kindle Create and published via Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. There are many other self-publishing platforms and ebook formats, paperback and hardback options available, such as wiro bound, workbooks, hardback and full colour. The opportunities are endless and exciting! 

Self Publishing Support and Training
Miss Digital Media provides self publishing support and training to help coaches, consultants and creatives to create book cover designs, format and typeset pages, and to publish books and ebooks on a variety of self publishing platforms. I also provide training for those that would like to learn how to DIY self-publish their own books and ebooks.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss a book project, I’m here to help! 

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