Miss Digital Media - Beckie Sanderson, Digital Media Trainer and Designer
Miss Digital Media – Beckie Sanderson, Digital Media Trainer and Designer

Welcome to Miss Digital Media’s Blog, check out my posts for tips, advice, lessons, on branding, design, online marketing, self-publishing, and more.

I am always looking for other business experts, creatives, and techy geeks to collaborate with! Please get in touch if you would like to contribute to this blog. Please add your comments and feedback on the posts, and let me know if there is something you would like me to blog about.


I am a Digital Woman

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Boost Your Brand

Boost Your Brand with Miss Digital Media. Beckie Sanderson of Miss Digital Media recently created a video workshop for the upcoming Digital Women Summit. Read More.

How Customers Experience Shapes Your Brand

In this classroom blog, Miss Digital Media collaborates with Katie Spreadbury, from Orange Sheep Research. Katie provides a different perspective on how we can give our Brand a Boost by considering the customer’s experience of our brand and identifying how we can improve our brand by asking our customers questions. Read More

Personal Branding, Photography, and Visibility

In this classroom blog, Miss Digital Media collaborates with Ginny Marsh, from Gorgeous You Photography. Read more

Faye Cox Coaching - Miss Digital Media Classroom Blog

Mindset and Branding

Mindset and Branding. In this classroom blog, Miss Digital Media interviews Faye, from Faye Cox Coaching on the topics of Mindset and Branding. Read more


Brands, Books, and Bios

Miss Digital Media interviews The Simple Mum, Blogger, and Award-winning Author Cheryl Lee-White, who shares her experience and tips on creating, publishing, and promoting Brands, Books and Bios. Read more

What does your logo say about you?

Does it give the right impression of your business? Does it represent your brand well? Read more

Self publishing books & ebooks

Have you ever thought about self publishing books & ebooks? Launching a book can help you… Read more

Do you need help with your online marketing?

Are you stressed out with updating your website, writing blogs, and creating social media content? Read more

Give Your Brand a Boost!

Do you want to develop your skills, your marketing, or your brand? If so, Miss Digital Media can help give your a brand a boost! Read more

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