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Website Services

Miss Digital Media provides website design and monthly management services for coaches consultants and creatives, unlike most other forms of media – the content that appears on your website is truly unique to your business and organisation, that’s why Miss Digital Media uses WordPress to build websites for its clients, because:

  • WordPress provides a professional look to your website by using template themes, and creative graphic design
  • There are lots of different widgets and plugins to easily incorporate forms, interactive elements, booking systems, and e-commerce, etc.
  • With a little bit of training, customers can manage the website themselves.
  • There is lots of support available online for using the WordPress platform, themes, and plugins.
  • It has the flexibility to make your website unique whilst still being easy to manage and update.

Miss Digital Media offers monthly online marketing support to manage your businesses or organisations websites, social media and email marketing. This is a service growing in popularity for many sole traders and SME’s who don’t have the time, staff, resources or budget to manage this in house.

Using Miss Digital Media’s expertise and monthly support takes the pressure off the business and allows people to stick to what they are good at. If you need monthly support please get in touch.

Email Marketing Services

Miss Digital Media has produced many email marketing campaigns, monthly newsletters and mailshots for coaches consultants and creatives.

Email marketing is a fantastic method of promotion for many different businesses and organisations. If you have a strong contact list of customers and partners, email marketing can provide a cost-effective method of promotion.

Email Marketing is a great tool for driving traffic to your website and social media platforms and can help to generate business from new and existing customers.

Not only that the information and insights you can gain from analytics can help to give you an insight into how many of your customers are opening your newsletter or mailshot and what areas they are clicking on and interacting with.

This information can help you to develop and improve your overall marketing.

If you would like to develop an email marketing campaign, a regular monthly e-newsletter or a one-off mailshot please get in touch.

Social Media

Miss Digital Media offers a range of social media management and design services, including social media graphics for posts, cover pictures, and event banners, as well as creating social media content for clients to promote their products and services.

Do you need a branding graphics or content creation for your social media, websites, blogs and email marketing? Miss Digital Media can offer a range of design and support solutions please get in touch.


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