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BOOST YOUR BRAND WITH BOOKS COURSE: Create, design and publish, books, ebooks, journals and planners. 

I’m excited to launch my signature course Boost Your Brand with Books, where I Beckie Sanderson, brand and book designer at Miss Digital Media will teach coaches, consultants and creatives, how to self publish their own branded books. 




  • dream of creating your own branded books and ebooks?
  • love stationery and want to create your own notebooks, journals, planners?
  • want to create lead magnets and generate passive income?


This is a fun and creative course for business owners who want to create their own books, ebooks, notebooks, journals, and planners. Created by branding, book designer, and Publishing Specialist Beckie Sanderson at Miss Digital Media this course will teach you the tools, processes, and techniques involved in creating, designing, and publishing your own branded books and ebooks in just 4 weeks. 




This course is ideal for you if you are a Coach, Consultant, or Creative who:

  • wants to attract your ideal clients
  • wants to grow your audience or build your mailing list
  • wants to generate leads for courses, programmes, one to one support, or services
  • wants to boost your brand visibility
  • already create lots of content for their blogs and social media
  • has already started writing their book or have a finished manuscript
  • has a ready to buy audience or community
  • wants to create a low ticket item for your audience
  • wants to create a workbook for your course or programme



The course will be 4 x 2 hour sessions delivered online via zoom, with replay links available. A total of 8 hours of guided learning, including course workbook, templates, and resources. 

May Course dates & times: Course 1: 10-12am GMT, 5/5/22, 12/5/22, 18/5/22, 26/5/22.

June Course dates & times: Course 2: 10-12am GMT, 16/6/22, 23/6/22, 30/6/22, 7/7/22.

  • Session One: Introduction to self-publishing and market research
  • Session Two: Writing and editing your book
  • Session Three: Design
  • Session Four: Publishing, Marketing & Promotion

You will be expected to complete homework tasks, writing, editing, and design outside of your lessons with a view to having your book ready to publish in the final session.

To help you complete the course and answer any further questions delegates will be invited to join a private Facebook group where you can get extra support. You can also book additional 1-2-1 training sessions after the course should you need extra design support or technical help with you getting your books published.




  • Introduction: the opportunities for self-publishing
  • Research: Market, audience, and keywords
  • Writing & Editing: Manuscript, repurposing content, copy editing, proofreading, working with editors and ghostwriters
  • Design: Book and ebook formats, templates, design tools, working with designers.
  • Publishing: Self-Publishing platforms, Issu, KDP Ingram Spark etc
  • Marketing & Promotion: Marketing, promotion, and advertising methods, strategies, templates, and more.




You will have created, designed, and published your branded books and or ebooks to use as lead magnets, and have a marketing strategy and a range of templates and tools to promote, and sell your books, so you can begin to generate leads and create a passive income for your business. You will be able to use your books to help boost your brand visibility and position you as an expert in your field and attract your ideal clients.




£250 Bookings via Eventbrite
Use promo code
[ BETA ] for a 50% discount on the course starting in May Offer ends 4th May 2022.
[ MAKEMEANAUTHOR ] for a 50% early bird discount on the course starting in June.

Boost Yourself – Ginny Marsh interviews Beckie Sanderson

Boost Yourself: Ginny Marsh interviews Beckie Sanderson about the inspiration behind the Boost Yourself Journal, for businesswomen to write colour and doodle away stress.

Ginny Marsh Interviews Beckie Sanderson
Ginny Marsh Interviews Beckie Sanderson

See the interview in Ginny’s Facebook Group where we talk about the inspiration behind the Boost Yourself Journal and how it can help you to boost yourself, your vision, and values.

Who is the Boost Yourself Journal for? 

A: This journal is for ambitious businesswomen who feel stressed and overwhelmed, who struggle to juggle their business and personal life with their own self-care and wellbeing while developing their business and their brand.

They need the Boost Yourself journal to focus on their personal and business development, to put into action some of the things they’ve already learned about mindset, manifesting, and goal setting. Or to simply get things off their chest when they are stressed out. 

Ginny says ”This journal is perfect not only for brainstorming business stuff, but just getting to know yourself better!” 

What benefits does the Boost Yourself Journal provide? 

It provides so many benefits and it’s packed with tips, resources, and inspiration. It also provides a safe place to practice journaling, mindfulness, gratitude, reflection, and manifestation. You can use it to get things off your chest, record your achievements and keep yourself on track. 

Use it to set goals, plan out your business projects, manifest your dreams, mind map your ideas, doodle, sketch and colour away your stress with the creative illustrations. The mission & purpose and the ideal client exercises will help to ‘Boost Yourself’ and your business!

Ginny “Amazing so it’s, a really good mix of journaling and colouring.” 

Why did you create the Boost Yourself Journal?

The idea for the journal came about when talking with my client Faye Cox, who is a mindset and confidence coach. 

Faye asked me “What happened with that colouring book that you’re meant to be creating? Me: “Oh Yeah, it didn’t happen.” 

I listed various reasons, you know because this and that, I haven’t had the time and I just haven’t got around to it. They were all BS excuses. I realised that once again my imposter syndrome was getting in the way of my creativity. 

Faye said “Well, what’s stopping you? You need to create this book then! 

Me: “Okay. then, I will!” 

I decided “OK I’m gonna do this, colouring book!” because I love pattern illustration design and as a publishing specialist I really should have my own book! But actually, I fairly quickly realised that I literally didn’t have the time to put into creating a coloring book. I had some illustrations and stuff that I could repurpose. So I thought I know I’ll create a journal instead, as that will be much easier. (haha!).

You and your desk needs a copy of the Boost Yourself Journal!
You and your desk needs a copy of the Boost Yourself Journal!

What’s in the Boost Yourself Journal? 

The Journal includes:

  • lined and blank pages, starting with the “Today I…” prompt
  • Illustrations for colouring
  • Little Lady mood tracker
  • Boost Yourself tips from other businesswomen
  • The mission and purpose, and ideal client exercises, which include the questions who, why, what, where, and how. These exercises are all about developing ourselves, our businesses, and our brand.
  • At the back of the journal is a four-page business directory

Ginny Says: “This Journal gives so many different options of getting to know yourself, getting to know your business better, knowing what you’re supposed to be doing with your marketing and stuff. It’s also helping you to de-stress and get more creative! There’s so much in this and then you get a list of suppliers that you can collaborate with as well. It’s brilliant.” 

How does the Boost Yourself Journal help businesswomen to develop their business and brand? 

In business, self-care is so important, it is especially important for those who are feeling stressed and overwhelmed. The journal provides a safe place to explore, reflect and destress. The mission and purpose and ideal client exercises, resources, and tips all provide an endless source of personal and business development.

Doing that core work on your mission and purpose and having that understanding really helps you to translate that information into your brand identity and brand values, even down to your logo, what colours you should be using things like that. It transcends all of those elements and that is why I had to include it in the journal. 

Ginny said “I think that’s the absolute key. Not knowing yourself properly is the thing that holds so many people back and feeling like they should be doing stuff when they don’t know their own values and really what they want and when you do that core work on yourself, then you become more in tune with actually what you want to be doing.“

Who contributed to the Journal? 

Nikki Sawyer wrote the foreword for the journal. Nikki, who I’ve dubbed the Queen of Journaling, is a coach supporting mum’s with anxiety, she encourages women to practice journaling. I’ve found her really inspirational, she’s just wonderful! In the foreword, Nikki share’s her journaling tips and explains the benefits of journaling for self-care and personal development. Nikki also suggested that I include a permission slip in the book, which I did.  

The Boost Yourself Journal is packed with ‘Boost Yourself’ tips, from a diverse mix of international businesswomen who share their expertise on branding, business development, marketing, mindset, confidence, fashion & style, health & wellbeing, healthy eating, meditation, and breathing exercises and much more. So there is something for everybody, that’s what makes it feel really special. 

What are your favourite Boost Yourself Tips from the Journal? 

Gosh, that’s a tough one! They are all so good I couldn’t possibly choose. But I do like Nikki Sawyers Boost Yourself Tip: 

“I highly recommend defogging in a messy head with a beautiful journal. There are many ways to journal, you can journal positivity and shift mindset, you can journal to get things out on paper. Once you actually see it, it jumps into your conscious mind and you can work on moving forward and clearing the blocks. Journaling is also a huge element of self-care time.  Self-care time is key to moving forward and positivity.” 

You shared some brilliant ones too Ginny for Gorgeous You Coaching & Gorgeous You Photography:

“Write down 20 Things you like about yourself, your appearance. Your abilities, your personality, and your character. See if you can increase it to 50 or 100 positive things over time.” 

Boost Yourself Journal – Boost Yourself Tip
by Ginny Marsh at Gorgeous You Coaching

“Try different poses in selfie mode with the self-timer on your phone and see what flattering shapes are for your unique body shape. Confidence comes from getting good at something with practice.” 

Boost Yourself Journal – Boost Yourself Tip
by Ginny Marsh at Gorgeous You Photography

One of my own tips from Miss Digital Media is:  

“Getting yourself out there is so important to build your reputation, raise your brand awareness and boost your visibility. Creating connections with potential customers and clients is an essential part of running your business. Whether it be online or offline networking and growing your tribe is so important. It’s not all about sales either. As meeting like-minded, passionate entrepreneurs, inspiring it is so inspiring.” 

Order your copy on Amazon today!

If you are looking for a lovely journal that also provides space for colouring and doodling, whilst offering business tips have a look at the Boost Yourself Journal. Would you or a businesswoman you know, benefit from having a copy? Treat yourself, a business buddy, or loved ones to a copy of The Boost Yourself Journal this Christmas, it would make a lovely and thoughtful Christmas gift and be a great tool to help kickstart 2022. 
Buy your copy of the Boost Yourself Journal.

Do you dream of publishing your own Book? Check out how Miss Digital Media has helps other clients to design and publish their books, Workbooks, and Journals. Or if you would like to have a chat with Beckie book a free consultation.

I am a Digital Woman

I am a Digital Woman: Join the Digital Women Membership and get access to training, networking, skills sessions and much more.
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I am a Digital Woman I love that statement and what it means to me and many other digital women!

It means…

  • I am a connected woman
  • I have digital skills
  • I have many opportunities to learn
  • I have many opportunities to grow
  • I have many opportunities to share
  • I have many opportunities to develop and promote my business

Digital Women is a membership organisation focused on the empowerment, growth and success of women in business and digital.

Digital Women began as an event and Facebook community with the mission of empowering as many women through digital skill sharing as possible. Since being founded in March 2019, the community has grown very quickly, reaching far and wide across social media to support thousands of women.

Being part of the Digital Women Community has provided me with so much value, I feel supported and encouraged by the organisation and its members, it provides endless learning, development, training, workshops, and support.

I have personally found the Facebook group a very supportive and valuabe community, it is full of talented people with a diverse range of expertise. If I have a question I know that someone in the community will have the answer. Join the Digital Woman Facebook community.

Digital Women gave me the opportunity to be a guest speaker at the Digital Women Summit, and to take part in lots of high profile events.

I’ve had the chance to collaborate and network with hundreds of women and I’ve met some truly talented and inspirational people by getting involved!

Digital Women Power in the Pack

It makes me feel tingly when I think about all the exciting things that Digital Women has to offer!

I was particularly excited to hear the announcement about the Digital Women Awards, so I decided to enter! Fingers crossed that my application will be accepted! Find out more about the Digital Women Awards.

Digital Women I can and I will

Be part of this amazing global community of women in business and digital. Gain the support, skills, and inspiration you need to grow and develop. The Digital Women Membership provides access to more than 90 digital skills training sessions, online training, networking, downloads and resources, and a huge community of incredible women!

If you would like to join the Digital Women membership Sign up here

Thank you Digital Women you are awesome!

Big love


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