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Lisa Gillbe Testimonial

Testimonial – Lisa Gillbe Email Marketing and Graphic Design.
Lisa Gillbe, a Personal Stylist needed graphics, sales, and landing pages, plus an automated email sequence to promote and launch her free webinars and paid online courses.

Lisa Gillbe  Instagram Story Picture
Lisa Gillbe Instagram Story Picture
Lisa Gillbe Graphics
Lisa Gillbe Graphics

Client Testimonial

What services did Beckie provide for you?
Beckie designed and created my first sales funnel which included, landing and sales page and an email sequence. Beckie developed the layout, style and graphic design for the sales and landing pages and managed the whole process of setting up the sales funnel, creating the landing pages for lead magnets to build up my email list.

Why did you need that service? 
I’d been working 1:1 with my clients for 10 years until Covid hit and pulled the rug away from my in-person services. I had to act fast and decided to take all my expertise online. I really didn’t know what I was doing until I started working with Beckie.

What gave you the confidence to invest in working with Beckie?
Beckie was recommended to me by my VA.

How did you find working with Beckie? 
Beckie helped me to understand the crucial element of building a functional sales page and funnel and how build out my email list, style and graphic design the landing pages and manage the whole process. In effect she built my first pipeline and there’s no way I’d have been able to do that by myself.

What difference has working with Beckie made to you and your business? 
Beckie helped me to create an email marketing campaign and email sequence for the launch my newly created digital course really early in my online business journey.

I’m a stylist and that’s my expertise! I needed an expert like Beckie to take my business online. That stuff blows my mind plus I just don’t have time to do it.

I think what really stood out for me is that Beckie’s designs were spot on for my target client. She got me too and managed to create graphics on the sales pages that conveyed the message I was trying to get across with style and humour. Overall, she creates engaging-looking content and it’s important to stand out amongst all the noise!

Would you recommend Beckie to others?
I would recommend Beckie, she is very patient and very professional. Thanks Beckie!

Want to know more?

Take a look through my portfolio for inspiration, check out my offers or if you would like Beckie to design your logo and branding, please get in touch.

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Do you need help with your online marketing?

Do you need help with your online marketing? Are you stressed out with updating your website, writing blogs, and creating social media content?

Are you a Coach consultant or Creative? Which online marketing tools cause you the biggest headache? You might love some while others can become time-sucking vampires causing you major stress!

Tools vs Time
There are so many different social media platforms, tools, software and apps available these days, as business owners it can become overwhelming to manage to create online marketing content and to develop all the different skills you need.

Choosing where your time is best spent is another tricky aspect as a business owner, what is right for one business may not be the same for another – but also everyone one is different and has different strengths and different ways of learning.

Miss Digital Media uses a variety of software for graphic design online marketing, mainly Adobe Photoshop InDesign and Illustrator which are industry-standard software for graphic designers. Plus Canva and Adobe Spark which are free software platforms with additional paid features. These are fantastic tools for non-designers that provide easy to use platforms and editable templates. I use a mixture of theses software platforms depending on what content is being created and who for. I use WordPress to manage my own and my client’s websites, Loomly to schedule social media content, and Mailchimp for email marketing.

Outsourcing vs DIY Marketing
There are always opportunities for business owners to develop their skills in creating content for their branding, social media, websites, and email marketing. However, for some, it is better to outsource content creation and design to professionals who are more experienced, enabling the business owner to keep doing what they do best, and serving their customers.

However, many small businesses simply do not have the budget to outsource content creation and need to take control of their online marketing. In this case, there are many free and low-cost training courses and workshops available, and plentiful opportunities for free or low-cost platforms, apps, and software to use.

Online Marketing Support and Training
If you need some help to develop your online marketing, Miss Digital Media can give your branding a boost in many ways, with monthly online marketing support or 1-2-1 training in any particular area you need. There is certainly no need for you to struggle alone, I can guide you through the process and teach you the skills you need to put you in the driving seat – I’m here to help!

Please get in touch if you would like to book a FREE Branding Consultation, a 1-2-1 training session or to discuss monthly online marketing support for your business, I’m here to help! 

Call Beckie on 07900002530 or email hi@missdigitalmedia.co.uk

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Give Your Brand a Boost!

Give your brand a boost. Do you want to develop your skills, your marketing, or your brand? If so, Miss Digital Media offers a range of services to help give you a Branding Boost!

Each brand is unique – as are the people behind the brand, as such Miss Digital Media has developed a range of Brand Boosting services to help you develop your businesses or organisations products or services.

What is a Branding Boost?

Create a new brand or rebrand an existing business to promote your products and services.

Miss Digital Media can help you to achieve this in a number of different ways.

  • Logo and branding identity
  • Graphic design
  • Online marketing including websites and social media
  • Email marketing
  • Print media and marketing materials
  • Monthly media support
  • Digital media training

Miss Digital Media always tries to put you in the driving seat, by offering advice and guidance on the best use of your time, your budget, your skills and the tools that you have available to you.

Expertise in branding and online marketing is essential for businesses and organisations in the Digital age. Most entrepreneurs would hire a professional graphic designer to develop a logo for their business rather than have a go themselves, but when it comes to managing online marketing SME’s, start ups, charities, and community groups often can not afford to outsource this work regularly, which is why digital media training is a cost effective and empowering solution for you or your team.

For the digitally savvy – or those who want to become digitally savvy – there are so many opportunities to be had here with Miss Digital Media.

Look out for forthcoming training courses, videos and online resources in the areas of Brand Boosting, Email Marketing and Social media. Make sure you are following Miss Digital Media on Facebook to ensure you don’t miss out on any forthcoming training opportunities.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your Branding Boost!
Call 07900002530

or email hi@missdigitalmedia.co.uk

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